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Wednesday 26 June

12.30-1pm REGISTRATION – Mathias Hall, School of Music, Bangor University
1pm WELCOME - Professor Carol Tully, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Students) and Professor of German (Bangor)

Travelling Mystics: Chair: Laura Kalas Williams (Swansea)

  • Kathryn Loveridge (Swansea) ‘The Abject and the Sublime: Audi Fabri & Mechtild of Hackeborn’s responses to Christ’s Wounded Body’
  • Liz Herbert McAvoy (Swansea)  ‘Textual Phantoms and Spectral Presences: The Coming to Rest of Mechthild of Hackeborn’s Writing in England in the Late Middle Ages’
2.45-3.15pm Tea/Coffee

Secular Women’s Lives – a post-Brexit Perspective: Chair: Helen Wilcox (Bangor)

  • Sara Elin Roberts (Chester) & Ceridwen Lloyd Morgan (IMEMS) ‘In the Undergrowth: Llwyn a Pherth and Sexual Deviancy in Medieval Wales’
  • Vicki Kay (Bangor)  ‘”I shall send yw money to by such stufe as I wull haue”: The Paston Shoppers’
  • Jane Clayton (Surrey)  ‘Wills as Life Writing: Widowhood, Marriage, Choice and Power’
  • Sue Niebrzydowski (Bangor) ‘”Of our Lady thassumpcion”: A European Context for the Worshipful Wives of Chester’

PLENARY I: Elaine Treharne (Stanford University) ‘"Ic þæt secgan mæg”/“I can say that”: The Stories of Women'

Chair: Liz Herbert McAvoy (Swansea)


Drinks reception sponsored by the School of Literature and Languages, University of Surrey, on behalf of the Women's Literary Culture and the Medieval Canon network. This will accompanied by a poetry reading of specially commissioned poetry by DeAnn Bell (Bangor).

Thursday 27 June


Margery Kempe and the Wider World (session sponsored by the Margery Kempe Society): Chair: Liz Herbert McAvoy (Swansea)

  • Diane Watt (Surrey)  ’Before Margery: The Book of Margery Kempe and its Antecedents’
  • Laura Kalas Williams (Swansea) ‘The Materialisation of Book II: Elements of Margery Kempe’s World’
  • Einat Klafter (Tel Aviv)  ‘“Not By Way of Ecstasy" - Considering Kempe's Connection to Christ'
  • David Carrillo-Rangel (Bergen)  ‘Margery Kempe and the Politics of Consent’
10.45-11.15am Tea/Coffee

PLENARY II: Jonathan Hsy (The George Washington University) ‘Globalizing Deafness: Language, Ethnicity, and Teresa de Cartagena’

Chair: Diane Watt (Surrey)

12.30-1.30pm LUNCH

Female Friendships: Chair: Sue Niebrzydowski (Bangor)

  • Boyda Johnstone (Borough of Manhattan Community College (CUNY)) ‘Dreaming of Same-sex Relationships in Medieval Arabic Literature’
  • Alexandra Verini (Ashoka) ‘Mystical Friendship: Margery Kempe and Mirabai’
  • Rhiannydd Hallas (Bangor) ‘The Women of the Visitation’
  • Renáta Modráková (National Library of the Czech Republic) ‘Speaking Internationally in Female Communities on the Easter Boarders of Medieval Europe’
3.15-3.45pm Tea/Coffee

Women and Book Ownership/Patronage: Chair: Nancy Bradley Warren (Texas A&M)

  • Sarah Watson (Haverford College) ‘Women Book Owners in Late-Medieval Francophone Europe,
  • Theresa Tyers (Swansea) ‘Mahaut the Countess of Artois: Book Lover and Patron of Two Fourteenth Century Manuscripts - Marco Polo’s Romance du Grant Kann or Le Divisement du Monde
  • Michel De Dobbeleer (Ghent) ‘What’s in a Saint’s Name? On Female Saints and their Cultivated Namesakes in Slavia Orthodoxa'
5.30-6pm Women’s Literary Culture and the Canon in the Global Middle Ages – in conversation with Diane Watt, Liz Herbert McAvoy, Corinne Saunders, Nancy Bradley Warren and Sue Niebrzydowski
7.15pm CONFERENCE DINNER (Optional) – Teras Lounge 3

Friday 28 June


Global Women of Substance: Chair: Diane Watt (Surrey)

  • Teresa Pilgrim (Surrey) Eco Feminism: Miracles of monstrosity in the landscapes of women in Beowulf and The Royal Kentish Legend
  • Amy Morgan (Surrey)    ‘On the Margins? Thinking about Marie de France in a Global Context’
  • Nancy Bradley Warren (Texas A&M University)   ‘Medieval Afterlives and the Early Modern Women’s Lives in the New World: Catalina de Erauso & Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz’
10.15-10.45am Tea/Coffee

PLENARY III: Shazia Jagot (Surrey) ‘Female Sufis, Arabic philosophy, and scientific transformation’

Chair: Sue Niebrzydowski


Women and Emotion: Chair: Amy Morgan (Surrey)

  • Diane Kaiser (Bangor) 'The Virgin Mary, female devotion and the art of the Northern Renaissance'
  • Catherine Batt (Leeds)   ‘Emotion, Gender and Spiritual Identity in late-medieval Insular Vernacular Prayer’
  • Justin M. Byron-Davies (Yonsei University FLI) & Jeonghee Ko (Seoul National University) ‘The Role of Kisaeng Sijo Poets in Medieval Korean Literature
1.30pm CONFERENCE CONCLUSION: Diane Watt, Project Lead, Women's Literary Culture and the Medieval Canon network (Surrey)